Agent Now | Delivery Methods and Timing

Delivery Methods and Timing

1. Instant Digital Policy Delivery:
Upon successful payment through the app, customers will receive an instant digital copy of their insurance policy. This digital document will be sent to the email address associated with the user’s account and can also be accessed directly within the app.


2. Physical Document Request:
Customers may request physical copies of their insurance documents through the app. The requested documents will be dispatched to the provided mailing address. Additional charges may apply for physical document requests.


3. Policy Activation Timing:
Insurance coverage becomes effective immediately upon successful payment and confirmation of the transaction. Users can view the active status of their policy within the app.


4. Verification and Underwriting Process:
In cases where additional verification or underwriting is required, the timing for policy activation may be subject to completion of these processes. Users will be notified of any delays and the expected timeframe for policy activation.


5. Policy Renewal Timing:
Policy renewal reminders will be sent through the app in advance of the expiration date. Users are encouraged to renew policies promptly to ensure continuous coverage.


6. Real-Time Transaction Tracking:
Users can track the status of their insurance purchase in real-time within the app. This includes tracking premium payments, policy activation, and any other relevant transactional details.

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