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General FAQ

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How do I register to become AgentNow’s user?

Easy! Follow these steps to use AgentNow right about now!

  1. Download our app here: Google Play Store or  Apple App Store
  2. Sign up an account.
  3. Set up your own two factor authentication.
  4. Create your profile.
  5. Verify your personal details.
  6. You’re good to go!
How to check the statuses of my insurance plans?

User’s purchase statuses will be reflected in real time on AgentNow’s mobile app. By clicking into the ‘Activity’ page on the mobile app, you are ready to view all your insurance purchases.

Is it safe to purchase insurance on AgentNow?

Yes, it is safe to purchase and manage all your insurances on AgentNow because not only we are authorised sellers of our partner insurance companies, we also have a team of skillful technicians to secure and maintain safe input of your private details.

What payment option(s) are available on AgentNow?
  • Credit Card
  • Bank transfer
  • eWallets
How long does insurance claims take on AgentNow?

The required time to process insurance claims may differ across different categories of insurance plans.

What should I do if I’d like to cancel my insurance plans after purchasing?

You can cancel your insurance plan right after purchasing insurance on our app by filing for cancellation within 14 days of purchase. If you are looking to cancel a plan and switch to a new plan, you can also file for cancellation and select that you want to change to another plan. You should be able to top up, gain cashback for excess when you switch to another plan.

How to request for a refund from AgentNow?

To check if you are qualified for a refund, please refer to our refund policy written on our Terms and Condition.

What do I need to do if there are changes on my policy details ?

Kindly email to us supporting documents for policy changes @ or WhatsApp / Contact the person in-charge below:
Booven @ 017 – 557 6555
Ms Go @ 016 – 454 0128
Fern @ 012 – 422 4466

What do I need to do if there are changes to my contact details ?

It is important that you inform us of any change in your contact details to ensure that all correspondences reach you in a timely manner. AgentNow Apps gives you 24/7 online convenience to update your policy contact information. At your convenience, you can now do the following updates:
a. Mailing Address
b. Email Address
c. Contact Number

What do I need to do if I have claim problems?

Kindly email claims details and supporting documents to us at or WhatsApp / Contact the person in-charge below:
Booven @ 017 – 557 6555
Ms Go @ 016 – 454 0128
Fern @ 012 – 422 4466

Kindly email claims details and supporting documents to us at or WhatsApp / Contact the person in-charge below:
Booven @ 017 – 557 6555
Ms Go @ 016 – 454 0128
Fern @ 012 – 422 4466

Where can I get further information about insurance?

Should you require additional information about insurance, please refer to the insurance info booklet available at all insurance company branches or you can obtain a copy from us or visit If you have any enquiries, please contact us at:


EG I Solution Sdn Bhd | Evergreen Insurance Solution | Agent Now Consultancy Sdn Bhd


MBF TOWER, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah
10050 Georgetown, Penang


Contact Information:

General Line: 604 – 227 9999

Fax: 604 – 229 4303



Operation Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (except Public

Who can I contact if I need insurance assistance?

Kindly email to us at or WhatsApp / Contact the person in-charge below:
AgentNow Office @ 604 – 227 9999
Booven @ 017 – 557 6555
Ms Go @ 016 – 454 0128

What type of insurance is provided by AgentNow?

AgentNow provide Motor insurance for private use (within West Malaysia),
Personal Accident (PA) and we will continue add on other class of insurance


Motor insurance:
a. Private Car insurance – Comprehensive (1st party) cover with recommended optional add-on benefits
b. Private Motorcycle insurance – Comprehensive & Third Party cover


For any speical request, please email our support team,

What do I need to do if I cannot get the quote?

It is important that you key in the correct information in order to get the quote. Normally its due to technical issue or unmatched underwriting criteria. Kindly
WhatsApp or contact the person in-charge below:
Booven @ 017 – 557 6555
Ms Go @ 016 – 454 0128
Fern @ 012 – 422 4466

Requesting a SOS

In a sticky situation? We have the answers on how, where and when to send out an SOS.

It’s been more than 1 minute since I requested for SOS but my request is still not answered. What should I do?

There will be a display of AgentNow’s hotline number for emergency purposes only. Please log your report with us through the hotline and we will have our rescue team be in contact with you immediately.

What to do when the location pinned is incorrect?

Contact your rescuer via our messenger function on app or simply dial their phone number. To clarify, you could then relocate yourself on AgentNow’s GPS and pin your current location in the conversation with your rescuer as a reference.

Can the rescue team reject a SOS request?

No, our rescue team does not reject SOS requests. Once the request is processed and delivered to the team, the rescue task will be delegated to a team member that is the most available depending on the travel distance to arrive and also their availability.


Find out more details on making payments with AgentNow.

How to set a card as a default payment method?

Go to your ‘Profile’ on the app and select payment. Add your choice of card and select it as your default payment method from there.

What happens when my transaction is declined?

Upon declination, you may check whether there is a notification about AgentNow’s server maintenance, and if not, you should contact the bank associated with your payment method to verify if the transaction is being

How to know if your transaction is successfully processed?

Digital receipt will be delivered to your verified email address and your order should be updated on the mobile app’s ‘Activity’ page where payment details can be pulled up when specific purchase activity is tapped on.

Road Tax delivery

The dream is to travel freely on the road

from the mountains to the sea without romanticizing retribution.

Can I renew multiple road taxes at the same time?

Yes, you can. With our accessibility feature, you can create a profile for another person and renew on their behalf as long as the details are verifiable.

When will I receive my Road Tax after I have renewed it here?

a. Intel Penang & Kulim – within 1-3 working days

b. MyEG Services – 7-14 working days

During this period, if delivery of your road tax is delayed, you may use road tax receipt as proof of the roadtax renewal. Visit to obtain road tax receipt

How does the Road Tax renewal service work?

We provide Road Tax renewal service with delivery when you renew your Car Insurance online with us. This service is currently available only for vehicles
used in West Malaysia.


You’ll be charged for:
a. Road tax fee
b. RM 10.00 service charge

  • Self pickup @ Intel PG8 AgentNow office or deliver to you within Intel Penang premises
  • Self pickup @ Intel Kulim Mail Room

c. RM 15.00 Deliver to your door step via MyEG
Services, within West Malaysia

Who will deliver the Road Tax to me?

a. Mr Bala @ 013-4213698 ( within Intel Penang Premises )

b. All deliveries to your door step are facilitated by MyEG Services

I've renewed my car insurance with Road Tax renewal online with AgentNow. I haven't received my road tax as per the expected delivery date. What do I do?

You can check your road tax delivery status via the following method :

a. Call AgentNow support at 604 – 227 9999 | 017 – 557 6555
b. Call Intel PG 8 office at 604 – 253 6784 | 012 – 503 0421
c. Online via MyEG website here

What do I need to do if JPJ status replied “ NOT OK “?

It is important that you key in the correct information in order to get the quote. Normally it’s due to JPJ’s technical issue or Road Traffic Offence. Kindly WhatsApp or contact the person in-charge below:
Booven @ 017 – 557 6555
Ms Go @ 016 – 454 0128
Fern @ 012 – 422 4466

Switch insurance

Ready to make the switch? Here is some information on how to change your insurance plan or provider with AgentNow.

How long does it take to switch insurance?

—- Coming Soon —-

How do I switch insurance with AgentNow?

—- Coming Soon —-

Motor Insurance

Answering questions on how to get the most out of your motor insurance.

Does car and motor insurance cover maintenance?

No, motor insurance does not cover maintenance or mechanical failures or wear and tear of vehicles due to aging. However, we do provide car and motor towing and breakdown services onsite and to the nearest panel workshops.

How much auto insurance should I be getting?

We advise getting just the amount that you can afford to pay for damages you might cause or suffer.

You could utilize a car insurance calculator to understand your recommended amount of auto insurance.

What are the factors determining the quotations I receive for motor insurance?

On AgentNow, we consider your automobile’s travel history, driving location, and the type of automobile you drive.

What should I know before receiving quotations for motor insurance at AgentNow?

You should acquire accurate information about your automobile such as its model, year of manufacture, driving history, and identify your vehicle identification number (VIN). Additionally, you will need your driver’s license number ready.

Does AgentNow provide Third Party or Third Party Fire and Theft Cover for private car?

No, AgentNow only provides comprehensive coverage at this moment. However, you may contact our support team for assistance via email: or

Kindly WhatsApp or contact the person in-charge
Booven @ 017 – 557 6555
Ms Go @ 016 – 454 0128
Fern @ 012 – 422 4466

Can I cancel my car/motorbike policy?

You may cancel your policy at any time by giving written notice to us and if applicable, to return the Certificate of Insurance issued to us.. Upon cancellation, you are entitled to a refund of the premium, provided that we have not paid a claim against your policy. A minimum premium of RM50 will be retained and the balance calculated on short-period rates or prorate, depending on whether yours is a first year or a renewal policy with us.

Personal Accident Insurance

Find answers on how to safeguard yourself or your family when an accident happens.

Am I subject to protection when situated overseas?

Yes, you are. Our personal accident insurance policy covers the insured internationally to an extent of 1 year.

After the time limit, we will recommend looking for an appropriate cover that is more accessible for yourself.

How do I know if I qualify to purchase personal accident insurance?

You are qualified to make a purchase when:

  • You age from 18 years to 65 years.
  • You live in Malaysia for at least 183 days per year.
  • You hold a valid identity card, approved by the government of Malaysia.
  • You do not record equal or more than 10 demerit points adhering to Malaysia’s Road Safety System (KEJARA), and your driving license has not been revoked or suspended in the past 3 years.
  • You are not charged for any criminal conduct.
  • You are not engaged with work associated with heavy use of machineries or frequent exposure to situations threatening to your health such as physically or physiologically hazardous work.
Do I still need personal accident cover when I am already protected by medical insurance?

Medical insurance only ensures protection when you are hospitalized or a surgery is necessary. However, personal accident policy insures you against accidental permanent or temporary total disability or death of an earning family member.

Medical Insurance

Find the details on your medical insurance coverage here.

How will my medical insurance cover the emergency medical expenses?

Upon a medical condition that is qualified for AgentNow’s protection, you should submit the necessary documentation when you claim insurance on our app. Once approved, we would either pay your medical bills or hospital income directly or reimburse you the amount of medical expenses you have paid prior to claims.

How long am I expecting my medical cover to commence effectively?

Upon successful purchase of medical insurances, and that is after proper verification with AgentNow’s insurers, your protection will commence immediately and effectively.

What is a pre-existing disease?

Pre-existing disease is different from hereditary disease. It can be a type of illness, injury or disease that has already occurred prior to purchase of insurance. We consider mental disorders like depression, anxiety, sleep apnea as well as physiological conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and so forth as pre-existing medical conditions.

Will I be covered when I pass away during this policy’s term?

You are only covered when your death is a cause of your medical condition. Other than that, you are not qualified to have your payout passed onto your policyholder, and your insurance policy will be terminated subsequently.

Critical Illness Insurance

Safeguard you and family financially when you need it most.

Am I qualified to purchase critical illness insurance if there is a family history of medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes or high blood pressure?

Yes, you are, albeit the amount of protection might be waived to a degree depending on the situation and insurer’s policies. We believe the possibilities of hereditary diseases are solid reasons for you to seek protection at an earlier time. This is because you may not be qualified to be insured when symptoms of said conditions occur.

What are the differences between medical insurance and critical illness insurance policies?

Medical insurance policy covers unexpected medical expenses due to surgical procedures and hospitalization whereas critical illness insurance is an additional cover that includes 36 most common illnesses that are lethal. When protected with critical illness covers, the insured will receive a lump sum payment where expenses of that payment are not restricted for medical use only.

How much coverage is recommended for me?

This is dependent on your financial planning, majorly. We recommend calculating your current expenses and predicting your future expenditures for yourself and your family to hold a grasp of how much critical illness insurance is sufficient for yourself.

How will critical illness insurance policy work when I am diagnosed with more than one critical illness at the same time?

The critical insurance policy covers only one of your critical illnesses in full amount, and the insurance policy should be terminated right after.

When should my critical insurance plan commence effectively?

You are rightfully protected with our insurance after your purchase of insurance has been processed successfully.

Up to how many years am I protected with this policy?

You are protected up to the age of 75 when you purchase this plan.

How long do I have to wait to receive this cover?

The waiting period to receive critical illness claims is usually within 30 days.

Will I be covered when I pass away during this policy’s term?

You are only covered when your death is a cause of your critical illness condition. Other than that, you are not qualified to have your payout passed onto your dependents, and your insurance policy will be terminated subsequently.

Travel Insurance

Have a concern about your insurance before you zip off on your vacation? Find answers here

How am I eligible for travel insurance coverage?

You are eligible when:

  • You, your spouse and children are a Malaysian or Malaysian Permanent Resident or hold a valid visa of entrance to Malaysia.
  • You age at least 18 years old.
  • Your child who would want to travel cover to Malaysia is
    unmarried and unemployed.
What are the situations that could grant me a successful trip cancellation coverage?

Your travel cover can be fulfilled if:

  • Natural disaster occurs in your destination country before you depart.
  • You suffer from body injuries or diseases or any sort of the medical conditions that are deemed inappropriate for travelling.
  • You or Your travel partner are detained for compulsory quarantine, jury service or are hijacked.
  • Your departure location is subjected to the effect of catastrophic events such as fire, storm or flood.
  • Your death
What are the situations where I cannot claim my coverage due to trip cancellation?

We exclude coverage when it involves:

Highly personal businesses and business obligations.

Visa issues such as expiry, invalid or non-existent visas for entry, etc.

Is a medical checkup necessary before purchasing a travel cover?

It is not necessary but we hold full authority to not cover full amount or at all when applicant’s pre-existing medical conditions are discovered.

Household Insurance

Find answers on how you can protect your home with AgentNow.

Should I purchase my home insurance through my mortgage provider?

It is not necessary unless this is stated in your mortgage contract. We would recommend you to utilize comparison sites like AgentNow to determine the best insurance value for yourself.

How long does it take for home insurance to become valid?

Insurance with AgentNow is speed. Thus, your home insurance should
commence effectively once your payment is approved successfully.

What does Smart Home Cover policy include?

Smart Home Cover insures the most common electronic products that you
have at home such as TV, laptop, gaming consoles, tablets, air conditioner, heater, laptops, smart refrigerator, and so forth.

What is Mortgage Loan Installment Protection?

This protection covers your mortgage loan installment when your house experiences destruction due to insured events and is deemed uninhabitable temporarily or the insured subjects to accidental death or permanent disability.

How much coverage do I need?

The total coverage should consider the sum of the building and content protection policies.

For example, the building sum should be sufficient to cover reconstruction of your house whereas the content sum should tally to the amount required to replace all your current contents and personal belongings. It is your own responsibility to provide the closest information to AgentNow for a more accurate quotation that is enough to cover everything.

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