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Our Features

What can we do ?

We offer the Best of Things.

Our Features

We offer the Best of Things

What can we do ?


When an SOS is reported on the app.
AgentNow’s emergency rescue team will be dispatched immediately.

AgentNow offers 24/7 Assistance for breakdown and accident assistance within Penang Island. With the press of a button our SOS Ranger will make their way to you in 30 minutes.


No matter your situation, our rangers are prepared for any on-the-spot assistance! Our experienced rangers can assist on the



  • Jump Start
  • Replacement of car battery
  • Replacement of Flat tyres
  • Replacement of spark plugs
  • Fixing disconnection of wiring
  • Refill your empty tanks
  • Sending to Hospital / Clinic for medical attention
  • Other related breakdown services

If you require Towing services, upon request, our SOS Ranger will help contact your insurance’s Toll Free number. Towing services to your insurance company’s panel workshops or franchise workshops will be dispatched.


Things to notes-
*Places like Balik Pulau, Teluk Bahang and Tanjung Bungah areas may expect some delay due to the distance
**Service is subject to terms & conditions of your motor insurance policy


AgentNow picks the best for you.
Suggestions are based on the preference you set.

Filtered with immense meticulousness, AgentNow selects the best trusted insurance agencies to provide quotations when you personalize your insurance plans.

This way, you are offered a board perspective of the best insurance rates with the highest transparency while also holding autonomy to decide the best value for yourself.


You won’t miss anything.
AgentNow gently reminds you when the time is right.

AgentNow’s mobile app is structured to schedule push notifications automatically to remind our users about their almost-expiring insurance deals and when their insurance has expired.

This acts to prompt users to renew their insurance plans so as to make sure that they and their loved ones are protected all the time. You can easily turn off the feature if it is troublesome, but we are certain you will not receive push notifications very often!


Bringing you what you need.
AgentNow can renew and deliver your road tax.

AgentNow provides Road Tax renewal service that we deliver to you when you renew your Car Insurance online with us.

Delivery charges may apply depending on you location and delivery may take up to 1-14 days. This service is currently available only for vehicles used in West Malaysia.


For more information check out our FAQ.

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