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SOS Terms & Conditions

  1. Only valid for vehicle age less than twenty (20) years from date of manufacture.
  2. Users with multiple cars have to register separately for each car.
  3. Only for vehicle breakdowns / Accidents within Penang Island.
  4. Only valid for mechanical breakdown / Car Accident.
  5. Breakdown due to flood is only limited to users who have added flood coverage in their motor policy.
  6. Breakdown due to convulsion of natural, civil commotion, riots or war are not covered.
  7. Vehicle parts and any consumables items are not covered under this program.
  8. 7 days cooling period applies from the date of vehicle declaration with full payment.
  9. Assistance does not cover towing from one repair shop to another repair shop.
  10. If the usage limit has been exceeded, user may top up in order to continue enjoying the services.
  11. Toll charges are to be borne by users.


        1. Existing Clients (add on to your Motor Insurance)
          • RM10.00 per vehicle
          • Entitled for 2 times a year
        2. Non-existing Clients
          • RM100.00 per vehicle
          • Entitled for 2 times a year

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