Agent Now | 7 Things to do If Your Car Breaks Down at Night

7 Things to do If Your Car Breaks Down at Night

We understand that being stranded at night can be scary and unnerving. Let us take you through the steps to get help and stay safe.
  1. Immediately activate your Hazard Lights. Doing so may save your life and others as it prevents other drivers from hitting your vehicle from behind.
  2. Share your location. Modern technology now allows us to share our exact location. You can share it to relevant authorities or family members and friends. Press the “SOS Button” on your AgentNow application.
  3. Park your vehicle far off from the main road. You need to be completely off the road if your car breaks down. Disabled vehicles are in danger of getting hit especially at night by another vehicle. Never stay inside the car if the breakdown occurred on the highway. The triangle reflector you typically find in your boot must be correctly placed approximately 200 meters behind the car, and then find a safe place approximately 50 meters away from your car while waiting for the rescue team.
  4. Call someone for help. Call your family members and friends and stay in contact with the SOS Ranger on our app. In some cases, you may need to call 999 if you feel unsafe, bear in mind that it is not wrong to contact the police and alert them of your situation.
  5. Put up the hood of your car and lock your doors if you have chosen to wait inside your vehicle. You do not know the exact time the SOS Ranger will arrive and the reason for the car’s breakdown. Switch off the engine and let the hot air out of the engine, this can help you cool down too. Leaving the car running may exacerbate the problem and potentially lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Another reminder to make sure the hazard lights are switched on and the triangle reflector is correctly placed approximately 200 meters behind the car as mentioned above.
  6. Exercise caution when someone stops by to help you. It is unfortunate that today we live in a time when you don’t know if you can trust a stranger even if the person has good intentions. Proceed carefully to avoid an undesirable or possibly life-threatening encounter.
  7. Exercise caution when changing tyres. It can be very dangerous if you find yourself changing your tyre in a high-pressure situation along the roadside. We would recommend you get help from tour SOS Rangers rather than doing it yourself. A flat tyre and inconvenience to your day is much easier to deal with than a severe injury you may unexpectedly experience while performing a roadside tyre replacement.
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